Energy Medicine

ENERGY MEDICINE is based on the concept that humans can channel energy through their system and direct it into another persons energy system. This process helps to heal their energy system, creating healing effects on all levels; energetic, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

The body, mind, spirit connection has been well established by studies and research that illustrate that which makes up your whole self (mind, emotions, body, and soul) affects each other aspects directly.

Unprocessed emotional trauma can block your energy channels (nadis/meridians) and chakras, disrupting your energy flow. These distortions in your energy anatomy can cause physical illness or injury.

All the aspects of ourselves support each other. When there is dysfunction in one area, it affects everything else, the whole system is weakened and becomes more susceptible to additional problems. When we aren’t a coherent whole, it leaves us out of balance, and open to further harm.

Through energy healing we work on the energetic level to remove and resolve blocks, restore balance and bring coherency back into the system building strength and resilience.

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The client remains fully clothed during these integrative healing sessions. Hands are placed on various parts of the body, there is the option for there to be no touch during the session if preferred. 

Allow 90 minutes for initial session, follow up sessions 60 minutes.

Energy Healing sessions can be integrated into your program.