Anna Barker, supporting you through Energy Medicine!

Healing is to make Whole!

When we are suffering from illness, disease, depression, anxiety, trauma… we tend to think we’re broken. That there must be something inherently wrong with us because of this experience of what is “going wrong” in our lives.

We have a tendency to feel fragmented and incomplete. The first step in this path is to recognize that there isn’t actually anything truly wrong with you.

There is an experience of illness, disease, poor mental health and trauma. These experiences do not define who you are.

In the essence of who you are, there is nothing wrong with you, at your deepest level you are always whole no matter what.

I’m here to support you in recovering and remembering your inherent state wholeness.

Come home to yourself

Energy Medicine isn’t “fixing” you – it’s accessing the healer within. My role is simply clearing what gets in the way. The possibility of healing lies within you – energy medicine helps reconnect you with your natural ability to ignite transformation from within.

When your energy system flows freely, this wisdom naturally works to mend imbalances and reclaim wellness.

By moving through the unreleased pain and traumas we can pierce through our layers to recognize our inherent wholeness. The ever-present unchanging essence of ourselves. To know ourselves.

During energy healing treatments, congested or diseased energies blocking your subtle body’s pathways are cleared. With this “energetic debris” removed, life force can flow once more. The floodgates to your innate intelligence reopen. Your energy field balances, reconnecting with the universal field of healing energy permeating all.

This space is about empowering you to recognize yourself as your own healer. To reconnect you with your inner wisdom, to let go of the sense of separation, to bring oneself into congruency, to come home within yourself!

What People are Saying

I instantly felt so safe and seen by Anna. She really is an incredible healer. After my first session I had a few of the most smooth and flowing days I have had in a good few years. So much moved emotionally for me after the 2nd session. I felt so much lighter and grounded within my body. I had my 3rd session yesterday and woke up with a smile on my face and a feeling of lightness. I highly recommend seeking Annas help if you have anything your wanting to clear or work on. Thank you Anna.

Toni Faulkner

I’ve never had energy healing before but have to say it was the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever experienced. I’ve suffered with chronic pain in my shoulder girdle for years and felt after only 2 sessions it’s really loosened it, I can’t wait for my 3rd session next week. Anna is amazing, her voice and presence just makes you relax.

Denise Thomas

Anna has a very gentle, but quietly powerful presence. She doesn’t interfere in the natural healing process, she just facilitates healing. I was struggling with many chronic conditions and debilitating illness, many of these improved and cleared during my work with Anna.

R. Martin

I had the pleasure of doing five distance sessions with Anna, initially to work with childhood trauma. I injured my lower back during this time, and so had one session that was specifically focused on that. I had zero expectations that the energy work would make any material difference. As Anna worked on me, she named the exact emotions I’d been experiencing over the days of back pain (grief and righteous anger). That felt validating. She focused on clearing out those emotions and then said she could feel grace pouring into the area. A couple of hours after our session I was surprised to notice that the back pain had gone from about 50% to around 5%. It was an enormous improvement and marked the end of that particular back pain episode. The other work was less palpable, but I have noticed that since working with Anna, I felt emotionally and mentally better than I have in decades – literally. I can’t be sure this is a result of her work, but it’s a very noticeable shift in my experience of life. If you’re open, doing the work, and ready to heal longstanding trauma, I highly recommend working with Anna.

Kara-Leah Grant

If you are looking for deep relaxation or assistance with body’s natural healing process or relieve emotional stress, then I highly recommend energy healing with Anna. Anna will very patiently listen to your issues, problems and concerns and use energy to heal you and help you release negativity from your body. I will certainly go back

Ritu Munjal

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