Energy Medicine

The goal of Energy Medicine is to optimize your health by stimulating your body’s own natural healing responses. During energy healing sessions we work together to shift and uncover the energies sabotaging your healing process. Through removing stagnant and diseased bioplasmic energy, blocks and leaks in the energy system, we can reignite the bodies’ natural healing response. When we are in the healing flow, and new fresh vital energy enters the system our body naturally works towards repairing and healing itself.


This series of workshops are designed to build an energetic foundation in the development and evolution of consciousness using the chakras as a roadmap to personal and spiritual development.

You can also join the free monthly informal online workshops, Explorations into Energy & Consciousness.


Yoga is a complete science of life that can be practiced by anyone, of any age, race, creed or circumstance, it will benefit all.

The aim of Yoga is to bring balance into our bodies, into our lives, and into our health. You don’t need to be super flexible to find the balance within.

Private group and corporate classes available, as well as local offerings.

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The Importance of Being Grounded

Awaken & Connect to Your Energy Body

Chakra Journey – An Evolution of Consciousness

Chakras 1, 2, & 3

Chakras 4 & 5

Chakras 6 & 7

Free Online Sessions & Groups

Explorations into Energy & Consciousness

7:30pm (NZDT) – Online

every 2nd Thursday of the Month 2021

​These relaxed and informal workshops will explore different aspects of energy and consciousness.

Sessions will be approximately and hour long. In each session there will be a presentation on a topic, as well as a short practice to connect with, and experience the subject. We will close with a little time for questions, thoughts and reflections. 

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Women’s Consciousness Circle

7pm (NZDT) – Online

every 3rd Thursday of the Month 2021

​Formed several years ago by a handful of wonderful women who were craving real and authentic friendship, connection and women’s wisdom in their lives. This group has become a special place of sharing and support for women from all around Auckland.

Due to the changing nature of global conditions we’ve moved online and now open to anyone throughout New Zealand and the globe.

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Discover the Benefits of Energy Medicine
Energy medicine is based on the concept that we can channel energy …
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The most well known model of the Energetic Infrastructure of the Human …
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“I’ve never had energy healing before but have to say it was the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever experienced. I’ve suffered with chronic pain in my shoulder girdle for years and felt after only 2 sessions it’s really loosened it, can’t wait for my 3rd session next week. Anna is amazing, her voice and presence just makes you relax” Denise Thomas

“Anna has a very gentle, but quietly powerful presence. She doesn’t interfere in the natural healing process, she just facilitates healing. I was struggling with many chronic conditions and debilitating illness, many of these improved and cleared during my work with Anna” R. Martin

“I need a safe place to talk, and Anna provides that. I need this calming influence and I have been able to work through blocks, emotions and addictions. It’s invaluable support. I leave our meetings calm and feeling better about myself. Thanks.” Rod Mackenzie

“If you are looking for deep relaxation or assistance with body’s natural healing process or relieve emotional stress, then I highly recommend Energy Healing with Anna. Anna will very patiently listen to your issues, problems and concerns and use energy to heal you and help you release negativity from your body. I will certainly go back” Ritu Munjal