Create a New Life Through Healing

Trauma is part of our human experience, wherever we come from, whatever our beliefs, we are all affected by trauma in the same way physiologically and psychologically. In our modern industrialized world we cannot escape it. It is part of our shared human experience. And, in this shared humanness we can find connection, understanding and […]

Yogic Model of the Energy Anatomy

The most well known model of the Energetic Infrastructure of the Human Body in the system of Yoga comes from the Tantric texts. From the perspective of energy medicine we can gain valuable insight into the purpose and function of the Energetic Infrastructure in the Yogic model, and the usefulness of Yoga in physical and […]

Discover the Benefits of Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is based on the concept that we can channel energy through our energy system and direct it into another person’s energy system. This process creates healing effects on all levels: energetic, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Stress, inflammation, accidents, injuries, surgery, unprocessed emotions and trauma can disrupt your energy system including your energy channels […]