Welcome to Wholistic Healing Energy Medicine with Anna Barker!

Where we work together to restore your energy system for healing & wholeness!

Why Energy Medicine?

The goal of Energy Medicine is to optimize your health by stimulating your body’s own natural healing responses. During energy healing sessions we work together to shift and uncover the energies sabotaging your healing process. Through removing stagnant and diseased bioplasmic energy, blocks and leaks in the energy system, we can reignite the bodies’ natural healing response. When we are in the healing flow, and new fresh vital energy enters the system our body naturally works towards repairing and healing itself.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is based on the ancient principle that all beings are connected and positive, life-giving energy is flowing around us and through us all of the time.  If one person’s energy is low or their access to it is blocked, another person can channel positive, healing energy into the other, in order to clear out or “clense” the other’s energy field.  By gently removing any blocks and allowing energy to flow freely again, the client regains the ability to access their own positive, flowing energy.  The healing effects can be felt on all levels: energetic, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

Stress, fatigue, unprocessed emotions and trauma can block your energy channels (nadis/meridians) and chakras, disrupting or reducing your energy flow. These distortions in a person’s energy field can be the cause of physical illness or injury. When there is dysfunction in one area, it affects other areas.  The body has wonderful in-built mechanisms to heal and/or compensate, but sometimes it can be overwhelmed and the whole system is weakened and becomes more susceptible to additional problems. If we aren’t able to return to a state of balance and well-being and operating as an integrated whole, we need assistance from another who can gently channel the life-giving energy and restore the balance for us.

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