Explorations into Energy & Consciousness

Online Series – 7:30pm, every 2nd Thursday of the Month 2021

​These free, relaxed and informal workshops will explore different aspects of energy and consciousness.

Sessions will be approximately and hour long. In each session there will be a presentation on the topic, as well as one or two short practices to connect with and experience the subject. We will close with a little time for questions, thoughts and reflections. 

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Women’s Consciousness Circle

7pm, every 3rd Thursday of the Month 2021

Beach Haven Community House, Auckland

​Formed several years ago by a handful of wonderful women who were craving real and authentic friendship, connection and women’s wisdom in their lives. This group has become a special place of sharing and support for women from all around Auckland.

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Hatha Yoga with Anna

Wednesdays 9:30am – 10:45am Birkdale Hall

These 75 minute Hatha Yoga classes include therapeutic and restorative elements, which are suitable for all levels. We’ll work with our bodies to create space, resolve injuries, focusing more on the body, than the posture. Anna aims to balance the classes with breath (pranayama), posture (asana), meditation and relaxation for a full yogic experience.

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Awaken & Connect to your Energy Body 

Time, Date & Location TBC

​This workshop will use movement, relaxation, imagery, sound, and meditation to connect, cleanse and expand your energy field. 

​The practices will help you learn to sense your own energy, connect with how energy moves through your body, and how to cleanse and strengthen your energy field. ​

The theory and practices for this workshop comes from the integration of Energy Medicine, Yoga, and the Hermetic Gnosis to unify Body, Mind and Spirit.

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The Importance of Being Grounded

Time, Date & Location TBC

When we explore energy, and different levels of consciousness, it is easy to float away and become ungrounded. When we do this we can lose perspective and become open to influence. Being grounded is important to keep ourselves level headed. It is the foundation which supports our spiritual growth and development.

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Chakra Journey – An Exploration of Consciousness

Time, Date & Location TBC

Of all of the energy system that we are most intrigued by the chakras seem to be it. This program will take us on a adventure into the chakras as a map of consciousness and connection of consciousness in our subtle bodies. We will interweave practice with building knowledge and understanding of the level of consciousness of each chakra. It will be a three part journey connected with the three levels of intuition.

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