Transform Your Life with Energy Medicine

Although energy medicine uses the term “medicine,” it does not imply that energy medicine practitioners are practicing medicine.

Energy medicine is an art and science in itself.

Energy medicine uses techniques to assess and correct for energy imbalances in the body. These techniques are used to balance and restore your body’s natural healing abilities for the purposes of increasing your vitality, and strengthening your mental and emotional capacities, and your overall health and wellbeing.


In-person and Remote Healing Sessions Available.

Remote or Distance healing can sometimes be a difficult concept to conceive. However, when it comes to energy there are no boundaries. 

Sessions begin with some questions about your health and emotional state. Then Anna will connect with your remotely and begin by scanning your energy field and chakras to assess the current state of your energy field, looking for abnormalities, blocks and leaks. Once Anna has made her assessment, she will apply appropriate treatment.

​At the end of the session clients feel relaxed and peaceful, feeling as if they have just had a massage, or been in a deep meditation. 

If you have come for pain relief, you will feel an immediate lessening or cessation of pain, or the pain may gradually dissipate over a few hours.

Online remote healing session are conducted through Zoom. Set yourself up in a place where you will not be disturbed and can lay down during the session. Wear comfortable loose-fitting or flexible clothing. 

Session times are fluid, I focus my work on how much energy work is needed, rather than by time. Please allow space for 90 minutes in your schedule. On average it is between 60 – 90 minutes, sometimes less. It is not about time, it is about completing the body of work that is needed. Your energy system lets me know when it is time to stop. In my experience this very rarely goes over 90 minutes.

​15 minute free consultations available to establish if working with me is right for you.

Rates: $120 per session*

Package Deal: 3 sessions $320

Package Deal: 5 sessions $500

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See the FAQs page for more information.

*I do understand that this may not be feasible for everyone, so I work on a sliding scale, and offer scholarships. It is important to recognize that within sessions there is an energy exchange, where something is given and received with the understanding both will benefit from the exchange. By participation in the act of exchange it shows you place value in our work together. Get in touch, I’m sure we can come to a mutual agreement within your means. Please note an energy exchange doesn’t need to be financial.

**100% money back guarantee (minus credit card fees)

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