Empaths – Intuitive Sensitives Auckland

Being an Empath, Intuitive and/or Highly Sensitive is deeply ingrained in our bio-spiritual makeup. Aspects of ourselves that are as imbedded into our DNA as our eye colour, but also influence our personalities and nature. It is part of our Souls Journey in this life, which can lead to great strength and development as we learn to understand these precious parts of ourselves.

Some of the experiences of Empaths and Intuitive Sensitives:
  • Feeling other people‚Äôs emotions as though they are your own
  • Often overwhelmed by excessive stimulation from media and the environment
  • Trouble with boundaries
  • Strangers want to tell you their life history – Sound Familiar
  • Dreaming about events before they happen
  • Deeply connected to nature
  • Strong intuition
  • A safe haven and refuge for others

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