Chakra Journey – An Evolution of Consciousness

8 Week Online CourseTaking Expressions of Interest

​Of all of the energy system we are most intrigued by the chakras.

This program will take us on an adventure into the chakras as a pathway into the evolution of consciousness and the three three levels of intuition.

We will interweave practice with building knowledge and understanding of the consciousness of each chakra; the power, the obstacles and the challenges within the chakra system.

Week 1: The Human Energy Field

Intrinsically connected to the Chakras is the Human Energy Field, commonly known as the Aura. Perceived as coloured light that surrounds us. Understand the relationship of this energy field with the physical body and the chakras.

Week 2: The Importance of Being Grounded

Being grounded is the foundation which supports our spiritual growth and development. When we explore energy and different levels of consciousness it is easy to float away and become ungrounded. When we do this we can lose perspective and become open to influence. To keep ourselves clear and in-tune within we need to be able to easily reconnect and as ground as needed.

​​There are multiple aspects and dimensions to grounding, from the most literal and practical, to the more esoteric and symbolic. From our basic physical connection to the Mother Earth and Nature, to the process of being grounded and embodied within ourselves, to the connecting with the spiritual dimensions of the natural world. As we explore and build our connections within ourselves we can learn to create firm foundations as we reach to the heavens and higher levels of consciousness.

Week 3 & 4: Chakras 1, 2, 3 & Instinctual Intuition

We will begin with exploring the first three chakras and their connection with our physical material reality, our personality, and our sense of ourselves in the world.

We’ll explore aspects of being grounded and our mental and emotional reality and influences.

Week 5 & 6: Chakras 4, 5 & Creative Intuition

As we step into the realm of the 4th & 5th chakras we step out of the physical realm. Explore the aspects of love, forgiveness, creativity.

Week 7: Chakras 6, 7 & Divine Intuition/Divine Guidance

As we step into the 6th and 7th chakras, we move beyond our dualistic nature and into our divine nature and higher levels of consciousness.

Week 8: Bringing it all Together

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