Chakra Journey – An Exploration of Consciousness

Time, Date & Location TBC

​Of all of the energy system that we are most intrigued by the chakras seem to be it. This program will take us on a adventure into the chakras as a map of consciousness and connection of consciousness in our subtle bodies. We will interweave practice with building knowledge and understanding of the level of consciousness of each chakra. It will be a three part journey connected with the three levels of intuition.

Part 1: Chakras 1, 2, & 3 – Area of Instinctual Intuition

We will begin with exploring the lower three chakras connected with out physical material reality, our personality, our sense of our selves in the world. Exploring aspects of being grounded and our mental and emotional reality and influences.

Part 2: Chakras 4 & 5 – Area of Creative Intuition

Explore the aspects of love, forgiveness, creativity.

Part 3: Chakras 6 & 7 – Area of Divine Intuition/Divine Guidance

Our connection with the divine, higher levels of consciousness